Using TINs Created with ArcGIS 10 in Previous Versions of ArcGIS

Blog Post created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Nov 8, 2011
Have you opened your scene document to find a warning that the base surface for your 2D data cannot be found? The only thing different with this document is that it was saved as a previous version from ArcGIS 10.0 and you’re now opening it in ArcScene 9.3.1.

If the TIN appears to have a broken data source (the greyed out checkbox with a red exclamation point next to it), check the data source to see if the TIN file has been replaced with a folder.

If you encounter this issue, you have a TIN that was created using a different triangulation version. You will need to use the Copy TIN tool in ArcGIS 10 and set the version to ‘PRE_10.0’.

Once you save a copy of a TIN using the ‘PRE_10.0’ version option, the TIN will be properly read by previous versions of ArcGIS. The new TIN can then be added into the document or set as the data source of the original TIN.

One other thing to note - there is an option within the Environment Settings to set the default storage version. Setting this option before creating your TIN will allow you to avoid the need for creating a copy of the TIN. If you choose to use the ‘PRE_10.0’ setting, the TINs can be read in ArcGIS 10.0 and previous versions, as well.Related LinksTimothy H. - Raster/3D Support Analyst