Farewell to VBA

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Jun 25, 2010
A Farwell to VBA
Used to use it everyday
But now VBA is going away
This blog is here just to say
Farewell my friend, VBA

Some of you may already be aware that VBA will be deprecated after version 10 of ArcGIS Desktop.

Microsoft discontinued distributing VBA licenses to new customers as of July 2007 and encourages customers to use .Net Framework, instead. Esri has decided to be coherent with Microsoft’s stance on VBA. The word has been out there since this Developer blog post was published last year: VBA and VB6 with ArcGIS: What’s the Story?

Please refer the following blog post for additional details about VBA support in ArcGIS Desktop at 10: ArcGIS Desktop and VBA?

For further information on support for VBA, please see page 5 of the Product Deprecation Notice.

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- Kaushik M., Support Analyst, SDK group - Esri Support Services