Using Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Dec 17, 2009

When creating an Online Support Incident, it is often cumbersome to fully document exactly what you are doing. Whether you don’t know the correct terminology or don’t feel like sending an e-mail that rivals epic novels such as War and Peace and Horton Hears a Who!, the Problems Steps Recorder is here to help you. This very helpful feature was added to the Windows 7 operating system and will soon become your best friend!

To open the Problems Steps Recorder, follow the steps below:

1.       Click on the ‘Start’ button.

2.       In the search dialog type ‘psr’ and press ‘Enter’.

Launching the psr.exe opens a new toolbar that appears on the desktop.


This easy-to-use tool allows you to begin recording screen shots as soon as you click ‘Start Record’. Once the recording has begun, navigate through the issue you would like to report. When you are done, click ‘Stop Record’ on the Problem Steps Recorder toolbar. After clicking the ‘Stop Record’ button on the toolbar, you will be prompted to name the .zip file that will contain your screen captures.  The next step will be to include this .zip file when you create your new ESRI Support Services request online.

*Note there is a 10 megabyte file size limitation on uploads. If the file is larger than 10 MB, simply ask the Support Analyst you work with for instructions on using the FTP site.

- Andrew S., Server Support Analyst, ESRI Support Services