Map Viewer Beta Roadmap

11-18-2019 04:49 PM

Map Viewer Beta Roadmap

This is the current Map Viewer Beta Roadmap


Great things is coming..

how about OD's multible monitors like desktop was?

Kelly Gerrow When will ERSI pull the plug on the existing Map Viewer and cut over to the newer version?

Hi Paul,

I don't think there is a plug for the cloud...

Eventually, Map Viewer Beta will replace Map Viewer classic when all of the functionality in map viewer classic is available outside of map viewer classic. We expect this to be sometime in the next year or two, but don't have a specific date in mind. There will be a time where both Map Viewer Beta and Map Viewer Classic will have the status of General Availability, where they are both accessible. When this happens, we will have a clear timeline about the transition to Map Viewer Beta only.

Let us know if you have questions.


Will sublayers from multiple different dynamic map services ('map image' layers) be able to be grouped? Map Image layers will be continue to be used for several years by federal agencies and other organizations that plan and update slowly and methodically.

Is there a more definitive date as to when the 2nd part of the road map will be implemented? Really looking forward to grouping layers together and wondering when that can be expected? 

I want to display a statewide map of Census Tract boundaries. Is it possible to select multiple Tracts in MapViewer Beta? I am interested in leveraging ARCADE to get a pop-up of summation information in the selected areas.

HI Sam,

The road map has been updated to be more specific about some of the upcoming functionality. We are targeting layer grouping to be available around the UC timeframe, currently. Keep checking in to see how the roadmap updates as more functionality is added.

Thank you Kelly. Will map image sublayers have grouping and reordering?

Are we able to create map notes currently or is that also in the works later this year?

The clustering feature is really nice. I just wish it would produce consistent results.

Hi Kelly Gerrow, I was wondering if support for downloading offline areas that have grouped layers will be added in the near future?

Is there a Scene Viewer (JavaScript 4x) counterpart on the way?

The Scene Viewer is already on 4.x so no planned changes coming soon.

I used the new group layers function in the BETA map viewer. I love it. However when I went to create a webapp, the groups separated back into separate layers.

Do you know when the Webapp builder will support the group layer function?


I would like to be able to edit symbols to customize them the way we can do it in ArcMap and Pro, instead of just being stuck with the defaults that are provided.  Pretty Please. 

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