New Map Viewer documentation (ArcGIS Online)

02-05-2021 08:08 AM

New Map Viewer documentation (ArcGIS Online)

With the April 2021 update of ArcGIS Online, the new Map Viewer is out of beta and available for general use by all customers.

For the latest information and detailed instructions on using the new Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online, refer to this blog post and the new Map Viewer documentation.

You can also follow the Get started with Map Viewer  lesson to give the new interface and functionality a try.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your feedback here.

P.S. If you're looking for user guides for Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Enterprise, you can find them in this post.


I don't seem to be able to use the Counts and Amounts (colour) shown in the tutorial.  As soon as there are two variables it changes to the Colour and Size Dots.

Sorry to hear that you're having problems styling your layer. Which attribute fields are you trying to visualize on the map? In the tutorial, you should see Counts and Amounts (color) by default when you choose the Adult obesity (%) field. Did you try to add another field after that?

I tried to use the identical layers shown in the tutorial Non-Hispanic white population and Adult obesity (%)  

I see what's happening. It's because you have two numeric attributes, and the Counts and Amounts (color) style is only available when you have one numeric attribute. The behavior is the same in Map Viewer (classic). If you remove one of the attributes, you will seee Counts and Amounts (color). For more information about styling attributes, you might want to check out Change style—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation. Hope this helps!

I'm having trouble with the popups.  I'm trying to show attributes, and then a hyperlink in the text below however as soon as I add the text in, the attributes no longer show in my web app.

Hi Naomi. Sorry to hear that. Can you provide a bit more information? Did you share your map as a configurable app after setting up the pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta? If so, which configurable app are you using?

Hi Jennifer, I have been using webapp builder with this rather than configuable apps.  It doesn't appear to cope with the flexibility of the new popups.

Am I right in thinking that this is eventually going to overtake the other map viewer and instead of using webappbuilder it will be directed into experience builder? 

I have a few more questions about functionality as I've tried to start my last project in here.

- How do we add in our default national basemaps?  Currently in the web map view we have the option of all the esri basemaps as well as our national provider maps?

- The search within add a layer seems to be different to the current webmap.  I would search for a layer within our organisation however it would not appear.  Can you tell me more about the differences in the search methods used?  Playing spot the differences with our layers that do and don't appear it looks like it might have something to do with the category??

- We seem to have lost the ability to display dates in the non American formats (i.e. the majority of the rest of the world  ) .  When configuring attributes it doesn't allow for dates to be dd/mm/yyyy .

- 3.x appslike Web AppBuilder do not support the changes we have made to extend the popup and will show a simplified version which might not show all the elements you have authored.

- Correct the Experience Builder will be the app of choice and the team is working on pulling in the functionality present in Web AppBuilder

For Basemaps

- If you want to show your own basemap gallery you can author one for your organization: Create a custom basemap gallery for your organization. The basemap panel also supports adding layers and moving layers Basemaps in Map Viewer Beta: a new playground 

- Are you searching the living atlas or using the add layer search? The blog above might help with this. 

- The date authoring is being expanded as we make more updates to the viewer and this will be based off of your locale profile you set.

Is there any way to disable editing on a field in Map Viewer Beta? 

This was possible in the original Map Viewer by using the Configure Popups functionality.

Hi Mark - This is not supported in pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta. The plan is to implement this functionality via a form-based experience, but it is not available yet. Hope this helps!

Hi, the new time animation is acting strange in the new Map Viewer. Is like is trying to find the time in the past, and is continuing searching, is acting like a stopwatch and it cannot be controlled.

Do you have any idea why is acting like this?

Sorry to hear you're having problems using time animation. Is this issue happening when you try to choose a date from the date picker? Do you experience something similar when choosing a date in the Filter pane? This could be related to the time zone set on your computer...


I can't see 'Country Health Rankings 2020 ' under Living Atlas  , has it been removed ?


@BronwynDitchburn It should be County and not Country 🙂 



@AndreeaVasileAnghel we made some fixes to date/time when the system date/time settings were set to a certain region. Can you try time out again and see if you see the issue? 

Hi - there seems to be an issue with Map Viewer Beta and coordinate transformation.  I have a hosted feature layer collection in Florida West State Plane HARN (2882) coordinate system.  The layer contains valve and irrigation head points. 

When I add the service to the current map viewer (soon to be map viewer classic), the points are positioned correctly along the north-south (x-axis). 

When I add this service to ArcPro 2.7.2 and apply the transformation (NAD 1983 HARN To WGS 84 2) the points are also positioned correctly along the north-south (x-axis). 

However, when I add this same service to a map viewer beta there is a noticeable shift to the south of some 10 to 15.  


Here are some screen shots:

Map Viewer Classic:



Map Viewer Beta:



Clearly there is an alignment / transformation issue.  Sadly, the issue persists when I add a map (either built in classic or beta) to a 4.x configurable app such as the interactive legend app.


Here is my feature layer collection:




How can we select which fields can edited in the New Map Viewer?

Currently ALL  fields in the pop-up can be edited when moving to the new version?





Peter King

@JenniferWrightsell-Hughes In the new webmap Beta where can I find the image filter? Please see image below.



@utenalarosa - Image filtering is not yet supported in the new Map Viewer. We plan to support it in a future update. In the meantime, you can use Map Viewer Classic for image filtering.

To help you decide when to use each map viewer, please see the FAQ.

Hello!  I was wondering how long the Map Viewer Classic would be available.  I teach a class using ArcGIS Online and use quite a few of the tutorials from Learn ArcGIS and the course catalog.  How long are these sources going to be supported for the Classic view?  When will new tutorials be added?  

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.  


@KimLersch1 - Map Viewer Classic will be available for at least this year and likely into 2022. We are in the process of updating some lessons to use the new Map Viewer, but only if the workflows featured in the lesson are supported. Other lessons will continue to use Map Viewer Classic. As for a new lesson, Get started with Map Viewer was just published a few days ago. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the prompt response. I sure hope that the classic view is available into 2022. An uncertain timeline makes it difficult to plan. I'm scheduled to teach a GIS class in the fall, and I would hate to have the classic view disappear before the end of the year. A good number of our students do not own home computers that can support Pro, which is why I built the class using ArcGIS Online.

I will keep an eye out for new tutorials.



How can we select which fields can edited in the New Map Viewer?

Currently ALL  fields in the pop-up can be edited when moving to the new version. I don't want people to have the ability to edit all fields but I do need them to be visible in the pop-up.



This is the classic viewer with the option to select fields that users can edit. 




Peter King

@PeterKing4 - The ability to select which fields are editable is not available in the new Map Viewer. We are planning to implement field configuration through the layer item page in a future update of ArcGIS Online. In the meantime, you can still use Map Viewer Classic for this workflow. Hope this helps!

Does anyone know how to remove the field name of a layer from the legend?

For example, I have two screenshots below, one from the old map viewer and one from the new one. In the old version, I just have the layer name and each item within it (I don't actually remember if I removed the field name manually or if it did it automatically in the old version, but it's not in the legend now). In the new map viewer, the field name shows up ("NAME" in the screenshot), and I can't find any option that would allow me to remove it from the legend.

Of course the desktop app allows you to easily edit items in the legend, but it doesn't seem as customizable in the new map viewer. 

I'll probably just have to make do with the old map viewer for now, but I would like to move over to the new version eventually. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 12.47.35 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-07 at 12.48.15 PM.png


Good afternoon

There is some way to represent data by scale range in the same way as ArcGIS Pro does, within ArcGIS Online, since range by scale is lost when publishing an item.


@andreeanes Sorry for the delay in responding. Removing the layer title is currently not supported inthe new Map Viewer. However, I have logged an enhancement request to add the ability to edit legends in Map Viewer. 


Does anyone know of an estimated timeframe for bringing back html source editing to the Map Viewer? 

It's a great feature in "classic" map viewer and makes for some really powerful pop-ups.  Coloring an Open/Closed status is much easier to read then just Open/Closed.

Using Smart sheets for Field Maps requires using Map Viewer (formally "beta") which means you have to choose between being able to edit the html source or use Smart sheets.  If you switch back to classic to edit the html source, the smart sheet breaks.

I have weird variances with calculated Arcade expressions only displaying the "Else" value in the New Map Viewer, which populate into my JS 4.x Dashboard as well.



The "Previous Years" historical text is an Arcade expression returning fields from a related table using FeatureSetByName, and is successful in the New Map Viewer. So maybe it's the HTML... or the use of domains in expressions? Or? Any suggestions welcome.


Posting hoping for same functionality as Classic Map Viewer when filtering by date, to support "in the last" X days/months/years: 

Option available in Classic Map Viewer -


New Map Viewer options -


My use case is filtering to show only the most recent quarterly inspection ("in the last 90 days") in the map in Field Maps. If I make or save this setting in Classic, I lose all of my Field Map configuration. I did find I can still control this through use of a View >> Visualization, but it would be nice to not need an extra View layer to do this.

I didn't seem to find a way to use Arcade to do this, but if I missed it, please let me know. Thank you

Edit 08/03/21: to clarify, this is a hosted feature layer in Enterprise Portal 10.8.1

@BrittanyBurson   Are you using a hosted feature layer? Currently we support these relative date filters on hosted feature layers.



Hi @RussRoberts thanks for the reply! I just realized I didn't specify my data type earlier. Yes, this is a hosted feature layer hosted in Enterprise Portal 10.8.1. What version/environment is your screenshot from?

this one is from ArcGIS Online so not 100% the same as enterprise. I can see where the differences are. Are you using this map viewer in Online or the beta install with enterprise. 

Anonymous User

It would be really great if point features in ArcGIS Online could be labeled using "Best Position" position placement type like you can in ArcGIS Pro.

Our engineers, designers, admin, and fielders would greatly benefit from this "Best Position" point labeling AGOL enhancement. Is this in the ESRI Product Plan?

At present, we do not find much convenience or use out of "The nine-grid 'tic-tac-toe' pattern" (AGOL label position of points: Top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, or bottom-right)". When only the top label is visible, such as is default in AGOL, we can easily miss underlying features which can be costly in our telecom industry.


@Anonymous User We are continually working on improvements to our deconfliction positioning for our labels but currently no immediate plans for an OOTB option Best Position. We are using the available label positioning from the web map spec and Pro writes out esriServerPointLabelPlacementAboveRight when best position is selected.


Thanks for the feedback though! 

Hi there,

I already posted this a while a go (, and most of doesn't seem to be on the road map... any idea if there is a chance to get this and a timeline?

- Symbolise layers based on two text or domain attributes (For now the second attribute has to be a number or a date)

- Add fields from a related table in the pop up is now possible (since September or December, when defined in the feature layer settings-Visualisation tab) but not very consistent (might suddenly disappear and reappear after complete reload of the app/web map) see also @BrittanyBurson 's post on 07-21-2021 07:30 PM

- Fix the Multipoint labelling issue (

And a nice to have:

- Advanced labelling (e.g. along the line for polygons)


Hey @AnninaHirschiWyss 

- symbology based on 2 text/domain attributes is planned but we don't have an exact release for this.

- related record support in the popup is planned for 2022

- multipoint labeling fix is dependent on the API and this is currently in the backlog but not assigned a release yet.

- We lots of labeling enhancements also planned for 2022 but most are centered around line labeling


thanks for your feedback!

Thank you @RussRoberts ! Looks promising, but some patience needed on my side 😉

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