Power BI Lock Extent not Locking

08-15-2023 03:08 PM
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When building a map in Power BI Desktop I zoom to my desired extent and enable "Lock Extent" in the Visual->Map Tools parameter.

But once this Power BI has been published to the Power BI Service the map has reverted to a different extent which is consistent no matter where I set my extent to in Power BI.

ArcGIS for Power BI Version 2023.2.187.0

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Hi @DarrenMoserIEHP,


Thanks for your question!


Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your case.

I added location data to the map, lock extent to a specific area then publish to PBI Service. Open the report in PBI Service and the locked extent still persists. 


Please let me know if there's any key step I missed. 


Also please make sure that update the Power BI Desktop(Version: 2.119.986.0 64-bit (July 2023)) and your Browser to the latest version. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.






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I'll continue to look into it. It may be the extent was established by a portal layer I had brought in. And that overwrote the locked extent.

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