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Connection with Dashboard and Arc-Gis custom-layer

07-28-2023 01:28 AM
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Hey Esri-Community,


I am still quite a novice using ArcGis and PowerBI. 

I have just customized two layers with my data using ArcGis Pro, which I will now use for my PowerBI Dashboard. 

Now, the question is, how do I link my PowerBI Dashboard data with the data in the layers?

Is it possible for ArcGis in PowerBI to interact with my data I use in my PowerBI Dashboard?




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Hi @EffieFiest 

If I understand you correctly, firstly you will need to publish your data from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online/Enterprise (depending on what you have). Introduction to sharing web layers—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Then you would add data into the ArcGIS for Power BI widget from your Power BI dataset and then you would add a reference layer - which is your ArcGIS data that you published from Pro: Add content from ArcGIS—ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 | Documentation

Then you will need to join your layers: Join layers—ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 | Documentation

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Power Bi - ArcGIS Integration Issue.png


The interaction between ArcGIS and Power BI visual only seems to work when the "join layer" widget is open for a specific layer as shown in the screenshot, otherwise it just doesn't work. Is this a known bug to the developers? Are there plan to fix it? It would change a lot if it were working correctly.

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