Event Benefits for Esri Startup Program Emerging Partners

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Learn about your Esri Startup Program Emerging Partner Event Benefits:


Actively enrolled Esri Startup Program Emerging Partners receive two (2) complimentary registrations to each of the following events in 2020:

  • Esri Partner Conference, (EPC), March 7-9, Palm Springs, CA: esri.com/epc

  • Esri DevSummit, March 10-13, Palm Springs, CA: esri.com/devsummit

  • Esri User Conference (UC), July 13-17, San Diego, CA: esri.com/uc


  • Esri Federal GIS Conference (FedGIS), TBD, Washington, DC: esri.com/fedgis

We encourage you consider participation in all Esri events.


  • Additional pre-summits or training workshops are not included and need to be purchased. Payment with credit card is required to complete the registration.
  • Payment will be requested via email and required onsite if you are no longer in the program or exceed allocated pass benefits amount.
  • No additional passes to Esri events are included in the program. 


Benefits gained by participating in Esri events:

  • Learn how to expand your client base and serve your existing users more strategically.
  • Get exclusive technology previews for a head start in preparing your plans to synchronize with our new products and updates.
  • Discover new sales opportunities and expand your network with leaders in the GIS community.

Remember to submit your apps screenshots to esri.com/special/submissions to be considered for use in the plenary. 


How to Register:

Every individual registrant needs their My Esri account connected to their customer number, view directions here.

We suggest you sign in to your My Esri account before you begin the registration process (make sure you’re logged out of any other accounts in other windows). Your customer number should be linked to your My Esri account as an Emerging Business partner. If you need to, you can associate staff with your customer number via My Esri “My Organizations"->” Users”-> ”Manage or Invite”.


Having trouble with My Esri? Start with Esri Technical Support, unfortunately startup team CANNOT troubleshoot My Esri.


Additional questions?

2020 Registration Instructions - Event Specific:

EPC & DevSummit:

  • To register visit the links below, sign in to My Esri - this will auto populate registrants name, email, and company customer number, select pass type which shows at cost, example selections:
    • EPC + DevSummit Combo Attendee - $1,999.00 (Avail on either site)
    • EPC Attendee- $1,099.00 (Avail on EPC)
    • DevSummit Attendee - $1,150.00 (Avail on DevSummit)
  • On step 4 enter promo code EMERGINGBP this will zero out the cost. 
    • If you want to register another person sign out of your My Esri account in the top right (and close any other tabs which you may be signed in still) and sign in with that persons My Esri account.
  • Exhibitor? Follow instructions provided in your exhibit confirmation email to obtain entitled passes.




2020 Esri User Conference: - Open

There are two pathways to register, attendee & exhibitor. Have your My Esri sign-in and customer number handy and visit the following link to get started: esri.com/events/user-conference/registration.

Note, Startup Partners do not receive any complimentary passes to Industry Events or Pre-conference summits or bootcamps. 

UC Passes for Startup Partners:

  • Attendee: All Startup Partner companies receive two (2) full complimentary passes to Esri UC.
  • Exhibitor: Startup Zone (SUZ) approved exhibitors receive:
    • Two (2) Full-Conference Registrations: includes Monday plenary, Monday Opening Social, all scheduled sessions and workshops, all beverage breaks, and Thursday Night Party and
    • Two (2) Expo-Only Registrations: includes the Thursday Night Party ticket for exhibitors only.

Additional passes can be purchased at Partner Registration Rate any time.


  • For those exhibiting that register as an attendee via the startup benefits, you may get an exhibitor ribbon at registration, allowing the exact same privilege to those with an exhibitor badge.

  • Please wait to register using your exhibitor pass until you’ve received your confirmation email with your dedicated booth assignment.

  • Questions? Email, confregis@esri.com.


Esri UC Step by step attendee registration instructions for complimentary passes: 

For exhibitors, follow the same steps but step 5) select “I’m an exhibitor” and input booth number.

  • Each attendee will need to have their own Esri Account linked to your customer number. If you do not have one, please create an Esri Account or call tech support.
  • Once you have an My Esri Account, go to the UC Registration form and sign in.
  • Select if you are registering yourself or someone else
    • If you are registering other people, sign into your own Esri account, then click “Registering Someone Else.”  Then enter their My Esri username and last name.  If the correct person is listed, then click CONTINUE.
  • Enter customer number with site license. (If your Esri Account is connected to an Esri Customer Number, you can select that pre-populated customer number, or you can select “use another customer number,” then enter it in the open field)
  • Select, I am “an Attendee” or "an Exhibitor" & input booth #"
    • Select the Event(s) you are attending (note, no discounts for to industry/summit events)
    • UC should be selected if you are attending UC only
  • NEXT, select UC Complimentary rate under User Conference Rates
    • If your customer number is not showing UC Complimentary as an option…select UC Standard rate under User Conference Rates. At REVIEW & PAY there will be an option to input customer # to receive your comp pass.
    • Add any pre conference seminars.
  • NEXT, then you will complete the required fields on the Personal Info page
    • Add comments: Part of the Esri Startup Program - pass benefits.
    • Add another registrant, edit, or remove attendee here.
  • Then click REVIEW & PAY
    • No fee will be required, check the box under the notes field, if you consent, check the new box that appears, regarding the cancellation policy, if you agree, click SUBMIT.
    • If you clicked UC Standard and you should have no fee, select “I should have a UC Complimentary registration under the following customer #_”, click polices and SUBMIT.
  • Your registration has now been submit and is pending review.  You will receive an automatic email with a link to book your hotel room at the conference rate. You will book your hotel using this link provided in the email. Each attendee has a personalized link, therefore, only one hotel reservation can be made per link.  For hotel questions, please contact the Esri Housing Bureau.
  • Questions on registration? Email, confregis@esri.com. Startup team does not have visibility into this system, please work with events directly unless you think our involvement is required.

Future Esri UC Dates:

  • July 12-16, 2021, July 11-15, 2022


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