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Webapp Builder Layer List Widget

Question asked by jjclark63 on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by AmalHorchi

My table of contents has 4 group layers (each group can have multiple layers).  When the user clicks on "Critical Area" group, I also want the event to check on and draw the "Percent Slope" group.  I'm not really interested in answering questions about why I would want to do this way, because it is kind of nutty, but rather, how to do this in the javascript code, so that I get better at tinkering with the widgets.  I'm able to write to the console if a user checks on "Critical Areas" but not at all sure how to have the code check on and draw the "Percent Slope" group:


From the "LayerListView.js" in the Layer list widger for webappbuilder:


   _onCkSelectNodeClick: function(layerInfo, ckSelect, evt) {

      if (ckSelect.checked) {


//  test how to find layer name

        if (layerInfo.title === 'Critical Areas')



//  I want this to check on and draw another group in the layer list--Any ideas?


      } else {