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Want to make it easier to interact with Technical Support? Create a System Profile!


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On Friday May 14th, 2021 7pm (PST) to 11pm (PST), numerous customer-facing business services will be limited due to scheduled system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please review the following list of processes that will be unavailable.  


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On January 14, 2020, Microsoft is ending support for their Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. As are we.

After January 14, 2020, we will no longer support Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 for Esri software. If you are still using Esri software on these operating systems, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 or newer version of Windows Server, such as Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019, before January 2020.

If you stay on these operating systems after January 14, 2020, you can continue to use Esri software, but it will not be supported. If you run into any bugs related to the operating system they will not get patched.
These changes are published in the Deprecated Features – Year-End 2018 document on the Esri Support site.


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If you are an authorized caller for your organization in My Esri, you might find this 3-minute video helpful. It walks you through the steps to create a case, from signing in to submission.

How to Request a Technical Support Case through My Esri - YouTube 

Thanks to our Norwegian distributor, Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc., for posting this.

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If you are an authorized caller for your organization on My Esri, you can view the Technical Support cases that have been submitted for your organization.

But did you know that if you use your browser's Print function, you get a nicely-formatted layout of your case details, with all of the details expanded in an easy-to-read view?

Give it a try.

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My Esri aims to be a self-service site. We want it to be a place where you can get all the information about your organization’s relationship with Esri. But what if you can’t find what you are looking for? What if you find incorrect information you want to let us know about it? What if you have a question?

Here are some methods you can use to contact us, and the best reason to use one over the other.


Where to Find It

When to Use This Method (Examples)

What Happens when you Use It

Ask a Question

On almost every page of My Esri. It appears below the side navigation.

It can also be found on the Get Help pop up, which appears when you click the ? (question mark) next to the tabs in the banner.

It can also be accessed from the Dashboard - see the Ask a Question sub tab.

You have a general question about how My Esri works.


You found some information on My Esri that you have a question about.


You found a bug in My Esri.


You can’t find something.


You have a question about something you purchased on the Store.

Sends your question via email to our Customer Service department or to your distributor to assist you.

UPDATED 10/4/2019: Since the end of June, for US organizations, your questions now create cases in our ticketing system. You can view and track these cases on the Support sub tab, in the Customer Service Cases section. We are working to include the case-creation functionality for our non-US users.

Contact My Administrator

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile, in the Organization Contacts panel.


This button only appears if your organization has an admin assigned to it.

You have a question about the permissions you’ve been granted.


Your permission request hasn’t been processed.

Sends email to all of the My Esri administrators (admins) at your organization (those who have Administrator Assign Permissions permission).

Request Case

On My Organizations / Support.


You must be an authorized caller to use this option.

You found a bug with Esri software.


You have a question about how to use Esri software.


You can’t install Esri software.

Creates a case in our tracking system. A Support Analyst will review your case and contact you to help you resolve your issue.

Organization Contacts

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile.


This section lists your organization’s Primary Maintenance Contact, if present in our system.

You need to contact someone within your own organization about its relationship with Esri.

Opens a blank email addressed to your organization’s primary maintenance contact using your mail system. Provide details about what your issue is, and Send.

Esri Contacts

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile.


This sections lists contacts here at Esri that can help you.

You have a question about your orders or maintenance quotes (for your Customer Service Representative, if present).


You want to purchase more Esri software (found in the sales section, if present).


You want class recommendations (found in the training section, if present).

Opens a blank email addressed to the contact you selected using your mail system.


Phone numbers are also provided, where available, if you prefer to call rather than email.


Note that not all methods are available to all users, as they depend on what country you are in, what data we have for your organization, and how your organization is configured.

[UPDATED 4/25/2019 to change the name of the permission formerly known as "Assign Permissions" to "Administrator".]

[UPDATED 10/4/2019 to include information on our new Customer Service Cases functionality. Also updated the 3 locations of the Ask a Question form.]

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You’re using Esri software and you find an issue. You want to let Esri know about this issue so we can fix it.

So you sign in to My Esri, and you navigate to the Support sub tab under My Organizations. You search this Support Overview page.

What is an authorized caller?
Someone from your organization who is designated to contact Esri to request technical support.

But you can’t find a way to submit your issue.

Now, on top of having the software issue, you have this to deal with.

Not to worry.

If you become an authorized caller for your organization, you can submit cases, in addition to taking other actions on cases and bugs. As long as your organization’s support maintenance contract has active entitlements, you can become an authorized caller.

How do you know if your organization’s support maintenance contract has active entitlements? Unless you see a message that your contract is invalid on the Support Overview page, you are good to go.

Adding an authorized caller

These instructions are written for someone with Administrator permission for your organization – someone we call an “admin” for short. [If you don’t have that permission, see the Troubleshooting section below.]

In this scenario, you are already connected to My Esri, and you already have View technical support information permission, and you’re also an admin, so all you need to do is add yourself as a caller.

From My Organizations > Users, click Manage Authorized Callers.

Now click Add Caller.

Select your name from the Select Contact dropdown list. This list offers the names of users connected to My Esri and users who are in our system who have used the phone to contact Esri Support Services. If we have a username for either type of contact, it will appear in brackets after the name.

Click on Explain to learn more about how this form works.

Supply a Call-in ID. This is any number of your choosing, between 4 and 8 digits inclusive. Should you ever want to use the phone to contact Esri Support Services, this is a key that you will dial in when you call us. Click Explain to learn more information about this number. If you are outside the US, you won't see this option.

Select your Caller Level. The options listed here depend on your organization's active support contract, so you may see different choices here. Check all that apply.

If you are at an organization outside the US, you will have an option to provide the language you prefer to be contacted in.

When you’re ready, click Add Caller.

That’s it!

After the page refreshes, you will see a confirmation message letting you know you are now an authorized caller.

Navigate to the Support sub tab, and click Request Case in the side navigation. Note: If you get a message that you aren't an authorized caller, refresh your browser page - you sometimes need to do this if you make changes to an account you are signed in with.

Complete and submit the form with the Esri software issue you found, and someone from Esri Support will contact you soon after.

Once you are set up as an authorized caller, you don’t need to go through these steps again. Request Case (and Manage System Profiles) will appear every time you sign in to My Esri.


Can’t see the Support sub tab under My Organizations? This means you lack the My Esri permissions to see this. You can Request Permissions using the form found from My Organizations > Overview.

You’re not an administrator, and you don’t know who your organization’s administrator is? You can request permissions to be an admin (see above); or you can use Contact My Administrator to send your admin a message. This button is found beneath the side navigation on most pages under the My Organizations tab, and on the Overview page.

You’re the administrator, but the caller you want to add isn’t listed? No problem - simply select Add New Contact from the dropdown list, and supply the new caller’s contact info. When you submit the form, the caller-to-be will receive an invitation email from My Esri at the email address you provided. The email will contain a token that the new caller must use to connect to your organization in My Esri. Once they accept the token, they will be an authorized caller.

Don’t want to give someone full admin permissions just to manage callers? There is a permission which allows users to be able to add, edit and delete authorized callers without having to have full admin permissions. Request the Assign Authorized Callers permission from your existing admin.

Your caller is listed in the Authorized Caller list, but when they sign in to My Esri they can't use Request Case. If there isn't a username in the My Esri Access column on the Manage Authorized Callers page, then the caller can only make phone calls to get Esri Support. To set up the user so that he or she can use My Esri to submit cases, first remove them by clicking the X in the Actions column. If the user is not connected to My Esri, go to the Users sub tab on My Organizations and use Invite Users to connect to your organization. If the user is already connected to My Esri, use Add Caller and select their name from the dropdown list. Ensure you see their username in brackets after their name in the list when you select the contact. But why do you have to do that, if the user was already a caller? It may have been a timing issue - the user was probably made an authorized caller many years ago before My Esri existed, when they called Esri for Support. Once the username appears in the My Esri Access column, the user should not have any problem using My Esri as an authorized caller. (They can also still call us, too.) Check out More Information on the Manage Authorized Callers page for further details.

[UPDATED 4/25/2019 to change the name of the permission formerly known as "Assign Permissions" to "Administrator".]

[UPDATED 11/26/2019 to reflect recent and past changes made to this process.]

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