New Hands-on GIS Workshop Activities for Educators

03-20-2019 12:05 AM
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I recently created or updated my activities for secondary and university students focused on the following themes, indicating starting point links for each.  It is my hope that these activities, data layers, and interactive maps are useful to many educators and students.  I have also compiled a "why and how to use GIS in education" set of slides to use as an introduction to these lessons and activities as an attachment to this blog essay.

Change over space and time

Change Matters Viewer

Wayback Imagery comparison


Population density and ecoregion analysis.

Create a terrain profile

Create a viewshed

Create a trace downstream

Natural Hazards

New Zealand Cracked Plates

County natural hazards investigation

3D cyclones of Western Pacific Ocean

Sentinel-2 imagery investigation

Human Health

1854 Cholera study

Human Development Index investigation


Starbucks coffee study

3D cities investigation

Compare cities using the Urban Observatory

Analyze international migration in 2D and 3D

New Zealand Schools study

New Zealand Purchasing Power (log in required)

Weather and Climate

Water Balance app

Real-time weather analysis (log in required)

Potential sea level rise in 3D


6 methods to map your own data

Campus vegetation survey and map


Build a map tour storymap.

Build a map journal storymap.

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