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01-13-2022 04:08 AM
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I'm just trying to work out if it is possible in Survey123 Connect 3.13 to set the appearance for a repeat so that all the records are shown on the survey form at one time.  Intended use is the field client on an iPad.

I've set up a repeat with a fixed grid appearance for manhole inspections which looks as I want it to. However the default behaviour when entering multiple records is for each one to be accessed via the arrows underneath the questions.


Is there are way to make each record appear below each other i.e. like a spreadsheet/paper form/database table, so that the user has a better visual indication of their progress and can easily jump back to a previous record if it needs adjusting?

In our case they could be inspecting up to 300 manholes as part of the overall survey so I think it would quite fiddly to have to use the arrow buttons to scroll through records to find and check a particular record.

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Thanks Doug, have voted for all five ideas now. I did do quite a bit of searching before posting but my attention was clearly not drawn to any other those!

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Thanks for all these links, @DougBrowning ! I also need this functionality for many of my surveys. Colleagues keep requesting it and I just have to keep saying... "It's in Esri's hands. People have been requesting it for years."

I made sure to follow all your links and upvote.

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I echo that sentiment. Many of our users would love this sort of functionality and it is certainly something we are asked for regularly given users are used to a table/row approach based on previous use of spreadsheets or paper forms.

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can I have an XLS file showing the calculation of this function?

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I would suggest posting this into ArcGIS Ideas for Survey123 so that the community can "kudo" the idea as popular ideas tend to be considered by the development team.

ArcGIS Survey123 Ideas - Esri Community

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Most of the links I posted are ArcGIS Ideas already.  Some going back to 2017.  thanks