UI to move to any repeat for Survey123

09-04-2020 08:16 AM
Status: Open
MVP Honored Contributor

Ability to move between repeats like you can for pages.

For pages I can tap and go right to any page I want.  This is sweet.

But I cannot do this for a repeat.  That means on large repeats the crew must tap hundreds of times to review data.

I would like to just tap here and pick the repeat.

Tied into this is repeat indexing where I can ask which repeat I am on.  Also being able to have a repeat move to a specific entry would be sweet.  BTW naming the repeat bar or adding a color coding is asked for a lot - when nesting repeats it can be really hard to tell which is which.



This would be extremely helpful when trying to navigate through Surveys that have a large number of repeat records.


I agree, this is a much needed feature for folks who might need to review and revise repeat entries while in the field. 


Really nice form.


This feature on web app surveys would also be nice.


Agree! When entering areal coverages for dozens of plant species, it's not uncommon to get through them all and then discover a typo on one of the species. Then you have to click back through the entries dozens of times. It should be easy to just figure out I need to fix record #14 and go straight there instead of clicking an arrow 14 times.


Has there been any work on this that anyone is aware of? This feature would be huge for biologists who may record 80 different vegetation types during a survey and then at the end need to go back through particular entries to make an update. 


Currently we have an on-going forest species inventory, and all the crews are nagging that they have to go back one by one, several entries, before finding the one they need to edit.


The inability to navigate to a particular repeat entry is a show stopper for our field biologists. At the end of a survey they randomly select a handful of specimens to collect for QA, and then need to update the records for the species for which a specimen was collected. This entails clicking the arrows to navigate through all of the observations, which could around 100 entries. They also have to go through the entries to update the cover class. It would be much easier if one could jump directly to a particular species rather than rely on arrows for navigation. 


I'd like to add my support to this idea too. We are also getting complaints from surveyors about the difficulties in navigating between repeat records as some of our surveys have now been going on for 3 years plus. The ability to navigate via a content/index window like for pages or even the ability to search repeat records would be extremely welcome.


Adding my support for this idea.  We have between 50 to 150 repeat records to cycle through before locating the one we wish to update.