Appearance option to view Repeats stacked in Survey123 app

06-01-2017 09:06 AM
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Repeat groups offer a good way to collect soil profile data, as profiles often have differing numbers of horizons and each horizon requires roughly the same details to be recorded about it. However, the Survey123 app only shows one repeat record (e.g., one horizon) at a time, requiring users to toggle left and right between them. When evaluating a soil profile to determine if it is hydric, it's important to be able to view all the horizons at once, so the app is not conducive to this. The Web Form displays each record stacked on one another, which would make the evaluation easier, but people collecting soil data in the field often do not have internet/4G access. Therefore, it would be nice if an Appearance option could be added for Repeats in the Survey123 app to appear with each record stacked on one another so the user can view multiple records at once and simply scroll up and down between them. I realize some people may like toggling between single records to reduce screen clutter, so the default Appearance could remain that way, but adding a "stacked" option for Appearance would allow for more layout flexibility, which is one of the main things Survey123 currently lacks in my opinion. I think the grid-theme that's in development would mesh well with this option to reduce screen clutter.


This would be a useful feature. As would any way of seeing what options have been selected in previous repeats. This would mean you know if you have selected that option before. It would also be useful to have an option where previous selections in a repeat are removed as an option.


why isn't this a feature yet? I have users that refuse to view their repeats this way as it takes to long and requires to much memory instead of seeing them all in a table view. especially now that theme-grid is available.


This would be a great addition to the Survey123 field app as well.  We use the inbox to update repeated records entered by field biologists.  The folks doing the updating currently have to click through and update dozens of records at a time.  It would be much more efficient if repeats in the inbox or otherwise had the option to view and update in a tabular format.  One additional idea is to allow records to be edited by dragging down a particular field, much like copying data in multiple rows in Excel.  This would greatly enhance efficiency as many of the updated records have the same data (e.g., negative test results). 


I posted an alternative solution here. If you click on the page numbers at the bottom of the survey it brings up a menu with all of the various pages that you navigate to in one click. Repeats could be set up so as to have one field which will be the name of that record, which would be the shortcut name that would be clicked on to navigate to that repeat record. This would save space and would make it easier to find what you are looking for than having to scroll through a huge amount of data vertically as suggested, although that would be a nice option to have too.

Navigating through a lot of repeat records with the current setup is tedious and unbearable, especially given that the navigation arrows are at the bottom of a repeat rather than the top, causing the survey to jump around when navigating between records of various lengths. 


I think there are a lot of different ways this could be implemented.  I suggested another way similar to an attribute table in this idea.  These probably need pulling together into one thread. 


Agreed, this would be a great update to add to Survey123! We have field biologists out collecting wildlife and plant observation data using the repeats, and these staff may have 50+ observations per site. Swiping through all of those reports to check to see if a particular species is recorded, or to confirm the associated information is all entered, such as flight direction or abundance, is tedious for field staff and a major barrier to implementing field data collection.

I know that other field data collection apps, like Fulcrum, take you to a main repeat page when you click the repeat field; this page lists all the repeats (or child records) that the user has entered, based on a user defined title (ie species name, or a combination like species name,total number), and you can scroll through the list to see what's been entered. This main repeat page also has the "+" sign to enter in new repeats. If you hit the "+", Fulcrum takes you to a third screen where you can enter in all of the data that goes with that repeat (total number, flight direction etc). And then it's easy to navigate back to either the main repeat page or back to the main survey page. This set up also means that the main survey page isn't too cluttered. I don't how why Survey123 doesn't have some way to display repeats differently yet!


Great idea! This would be so handy


Yes! We need a way to view repeats which have been entered as a list - a 'stacked' appearance option would be perfect.  I am building a survey to capture ecology data where they need to capture multiple lists of species and be able to see at a glance what has been entered already.  The clicking back and forth function is not workable.  At the moment I have to do a work around where instead of using the Repeat option I create multiple entries (sometimes up to 100), which is very cumbersome in both the excel workbook and the front end survey.  Is this a feature which is in line for development?


I agree, this would be a huge addition to Survey 123. Viewing repeats records in table view or in alternate ways while in the field app would be very helpful when collecting numerous repeats.  


I would like to see this as well.

I have a pole inspection app with a repeat for other users connection on our poles, as the crew are inspecting the pole it would be nice for them to see the all of the connections on the pole at the beginning of the repeat before they add new connections to make sure they are not duplicating a connection.