Fix painful repeat navigation issues - have navigation mirror that of the pages group appearance

Idea created by Transcon_CA_Bio on Jan 2, 2020

    Repeat groups are an incredibly useful tool. However, navigating through repeat records in the field app to reference or edit a record when there a lot of them can sometimes be tedious and unbearable, especially given that the navigation arrows are at the bottom of a repeat rather than the top. This causes the survey to jump around when navigating between records of various lengths, and it is often not clear what record you are on without scrolling up. I have seen other Ideas listed that also concern this issue and have potential workarounds listed, but I believe the following would save space and would make it easier to find what a user is looking for. If repeats were set up in the same format as Survey123 pages, they we be much easier to navigate. When a user clicks on the page numbers at the bottom of the survey it brings up a menu with all of the various pages that can be navigated to in one click, and it also gives the option of typing in a page number. Repeats could be set up to have one field, probably the first, which will be the shortcut name of that record (analogous to the page name) that would be clicked on to navigate to that repeat record. The shortcut name would be something like an artifact ID number, a species name associated with a record, a nest number, or a unique ID. While this would be ideal, if it is not possible, at a minimum it is desirable to at least enter a repeat record number that would be navigated to, so the user does not have to scroll through all records to get close to the correct record.


    Other fixes mentioned in other posts include: