Appearance option to view Repeats stacked in Survey123 app

Idea created by beasleyc on Jun 1, 2017

    Repeat groups offer a good way to collect soil profile data, as profiles often have differing numbers of horizons and each horizon requires roughly the same details to be recorded about it. However, the Survey123 app only shows one repeat record (e.g., one horizon) at a time, requiring users to toggle left and right between them. When evaluating a soil profile to determine if it is hydric, it's important to be able to view all the horizons at once, so the app is not conducive to this. The Web Form displays each record stacked on one another, which would make the evaluation easier, but people collecting soil data in the field often do not have internet/4G access. Therefore, it would be nice if an Appearance option could be added for Repeats in the Survey123 app to appear with each record stacked on one another so the user can view multiple records at once and simply scroll up and down between them. I realize some people may like toggling between single records to reduce screen clutter, so the default Appearance could remain that way, but adding a "stacked" option for Appearance would allow for more layout flexibility, which is one of the main things Survey123 currently lacks in my opinion. I think the grid-theme that's in development would mesh well with this option to reduce screen clutter.