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Table view for repeats

10-02-2019 07:35 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Would be great to enable a table view of completed repeats on the form, similar to attribute table view in Pro or ArcMap.  Ideally this would show some of the key values that were submitted (user definable).  Idea is mainly wrapped around the concept of submitting mulitple assets within an area, where your assets would be nested inside a repeat.  The user could see all the all the values for the repeats and determine whether one exists or a new needs to be added.  If the option to also show a picture of the asset in this existed that would be amazing! 

Taking this one step further, then also having conditional formatting based on whether all the fields were completed or not (again customisable).  E.g. RAG rating as Red for incomplete, Amber for started but not completed, Green for completed.

This table view could be prepopulated from the choices tab with the values that need to be collected. 

An option to add additional values inside the repeat via an "Other" answer that would automatically sync back up would be ideal.


It would be extremely useful to have a tabular view for nested repeats.  The #1 complaint I get from users is they don't like having to click through repeats to see what they've already entered.  We may have upwards of 50 repeats for a particular survey and it can be cumbersome and confusing to keep track of all that information.  A tabular view would allow users to view the data already submitted without having to click an arrow to see previously submitted data.  This is one area where our clunky, old Access database is better.



I am creating a survey for auditing sites.  It has 137 questions with  5 simple attributes each (Standard #; Standard Details; Comply to Standard yes/no; Severity of Non-Compliance major/minor/critical; and Details).  Perfect candidate for repeat but navigating through 137 records back and forth is a pain (particularly if not doing a survey in a linear fashion or if 90% of all the answers are comply with the standard and thus do not need the Non-compliance question or details).  I found the post on Pages (Fix painful repeat navigation issues - have navigation mirror that of the pages group appearance)  that allow for you to navigate to a certain section it also means that I have to change from 1 table with  roughly 4 fields and easy structure to analyse or update to multiple tables with many fields for each question to make the pages navigation work.  A table type view would significantly help this situation.  Owners can edit survey123 in the data tab in Survey123 website and it would be nice if field workers can do something like this as well.