Input feature class is not registered as versioned???

02-12-2020 10:54 AM
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So calculating geometry (area) on a SQL 2014 Enterprise Feature Class, Geography Storage Type, GCS projection in 2.5, not registered as versioned, no branch versioning, archiving enabled returns 

ERROR 130051: Input feature class is not registered as versioned.
Failed to execute (CalculateGeometryAttributes)

Drew Flater‌ I recall this coming up in the past, can't find the GN post though, or maybe it was in EAP.  Is there now a requirement that feature classes have to be registered as versioned to calculate geometry?

SQL trace shows

Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'states_cuk'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.SDE_states'. The duplicate key value is (0, 0). as this is happening. 

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ERROR 130051


The error message, ERROR 130051: Input feature class is not registered as versioned is returned when running Calculate Geometry for area on layers containing joins.

Release notes for ArcGIS Pro 2.7—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

This one?

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Hi Thomas,

I found a similar issue when working with Calculating Geometry (area). After testing, I think the issue is with the relationships of the Feature Class you are working with. If you removed all the Relationships, the Geometry Calculation should finish without that Versioning error.

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This bug appears to have been re-introduced at Pro v2.8.0.

I had to fall back to ArcMap to get geometry calculated so I can get my project finished up, so I haven't had a chance to test further scenarios than the current task nor contact tech support.

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I am running in to the same issue (again) with v 2.8.0

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Same issue here, with v2.8.3.

Calculating values (including geometries) for feature classes with a RELATIONSHIP often required use of an edit session in ArcMap.  Feature classes with ATTACHMENTS are the most common RELATED feature classes, and therefore where I used to most commonly saw such issues in ArcMap.

The solution in ArcMap was to simply start an edit session, run the process, then close/save the edits.

I believe that this is the same issue but with a misleading error message.

I'm getting this error in Pro only for a feature class with RELATIONSHIP (in my case, attachments).  But Pro doesn't (by default) use edit sessions like ArcMap did.  So how do we get around this in Pro?

WORK AROUND that solves the problem for me:

I got this to work successfully by doing it in ArcMap instead (and using an edit session).

Let's hope it gets fixed (again?) before ArcMap becomes unsupported.

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