Reclassify map based on filtered data

10-09-2022 09:49 PM
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Hi, I have some data that I am using to classify a map in Power BI. The map is filtered based on a value from another field using a slicer. The issue I am having is that when I select a value from the slicer, I can see that the filter values are updated, but the map is not reclassified.

I assumed that the map should be reclassified based on what has been selected via the slicer, but that doesn't seem to be the case i.e. the map colourisation and the legend values do not change - map colourisation and the legend values are still based on the full data set and not the filtered data.

I have provided some screenshots below to try to explain the issue.

This first screenshot is showing the data filtered by the 'Greater Sydney' slicer value....note the map and legend are based on the full dataset, while the filter is showing the filtered values based on what has been selected in the slicer.


In this second screenshot, after selecting the 'Greater Melbourne' slicer value, the map has zoomed to the correct location and the filter has updated showing the correct values, but the map has not been reclassified - you can see that the legend is still based on the full data set.


Am I missing something? Or is this a limitation or bug?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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