Power BI maps not saving when I reopen a report after saving

08-01-2019 02:53 AM
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I noticed a couple of threads on the issue around power BI and map changes not saving. i still seem to have this issue. Can anyone help me work through it please.


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We are having the same issue.  We had a dashboard working properly before.  Now when we open the PBIX, the maps revert to a default format.  We change the map and save it.  The map then reverts to the prior format.  This happens even if we simply switch to a different table int he workbook and then switch back to the tab with the map.

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This is happening for me and it's super frustrating!! I need to create a dashboard with multiple maps. Some of the maps have municipality boundaries, others are using FSA boundaries. THE SETTINGS WILL NOT SAVE!!! There is no excuse for this. please fix this asap.

This is my Power BI version:

Version: 2.81.5831.821 64-bit (May 2020)

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