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12-16-2019 06:32 AM
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How do you get an ARCGIS map to publish in Power BI? As you can see below the map works perfectly in the desktop version, but once it was published to the website the map is blank. 

In Desktop    After published

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Hello Vicky, thank you for replying.

   Could you confirm the version of PowerBI Desktop you are using? You may find this info by opening PowerBI Desktop, clicking on file, and selecting About.

   Additionally, could you comment on how you are publishing to PowerBI Online? Is the visual failing in PowerBI Online, or is it failing when you try to embed the project in another site?

Keep on keeping on!
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Hey Jon, 

I am currently using the 2.8 version. My original question was posted back in December and the dashboard map we had was replaced with a Bing version so that it was publishable on the our website. I haven't tried to use another ESRI map in Power BI that needed to be published since. I think the map became blank when it was uploaded to online version of Power BI. If you have fixed that issue since December that is great. I will be able to utilize the map now.