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License Options

05-27-2020 10:32 AM
New Contributor

I need advice on which license should we purchase for our project below are things we need to address

1. Create a map with multiple data layers.

2. Publish the map in ArcGISOnline

3. Use the publish Map in ArcGISOnline in Power BI

We definitely need an ArcMap for Power BI license but I am unsure if what type of license we need in ArcGISOnline and since we cannot add multiple data layers in Power BI on ArcMap Visualization, I am hoping this the correct license will help us. Kindly give us the options. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hey there Sarah,

   Thank you reaching out to us! I am referencing our documentation here: ArcGIS license requirements.

For your requirements, you are going to need at minimum the following:

  • ArcGIS Online organization
  • Viewer user type*
  • ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI Add on license

*If you are going to be publishing content and hosting it on the ArcGIS Online organization you will need this user to be a Creator. 

Depending on where you are publishing from (ArcGIS Pro) you will also need the appropriate license for Pro in the ArcGIS Online organization.

Keep on keeping on!