ABS geography level for Australia not updated to 2021

11-07-2022 10:10 PM
New Contributor

Can anyone tell me if the ABS geography levels for Australia has been updated from the 2016 data to the 2021 data?

I can't get my 2021 statistical area 1 (SA1) level to filter the map based on the geography level.

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Esri Contributor

@MichaelWilson8 - Hi there! Would you be able to test this again? There was an update to the items in this dropdown after the release of ArcGIS Online 10.3. In ArcGIS for Power BI, we inherit the changes that are made there, and this data should appear properly. 

Also, if it's possible, could you share the dataset here with me so that I can test it on my machine if this is still an issue? Thank you! 

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