Pop-ups in Field Maps not honouring web map setting

12-10-2020 07:51 PM
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Has anyone else had any issues with the pop-ups in the Field Maps app not honouring whats been set in the webmap?

I have a webmap in Enterprise 10.7.1 with a custom pop-up set on a layer. When I open this map in Field Maps, the pop up is just a list of attributes. Its ignoring the custom pop up completely. Anyone else run into this issue?


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Hello Malcolm, 

Sorry you are having this issue. I was wondering how you configure the popup? I was also what happens within Field Maps when you identify a feature, do you see any popups?

Thanks very much,


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Hey Malcolm,

I am just getting started with publishing for Field Maps and I am experiencing this too, particularly with Conditional Visibility.

Also in the Field Maps web app, the Overview tab is displayed by default, but when I click on the Content tab there is no map displaying, to my surprise. I may have to post that question as it's own topic but I am browsing here first.

Good luck and stay safe, Bill~


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Im having the same problem

This is the popup in Map Viewer Beta:


This is part of the formular in Field Maps webapp:


This is the popup in Field Maps Android App


And this is when i edit the feature in Field Maps Android App


So when i see it in Field Maps for Android, it's not the same as on the web applications 

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I am also having a similar issue. I am using the Web Map Viewer Beta and Field Maps is not honoring the order of the fields.

by Anonymous User
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Hello Malcolm, did you ever find a solution? I am also experiencing this issue. 

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I'm curious if anyone found a solution to this as well. I've got at least one layer (the first one) in a map whose pop-up order isn't being honored. It looks like some layers are fine. The forms also appear to be fine in the Field Maps app.

I've also double-checked the order in the JSON and it matches what I've set in the web map. I've tried removing the map in Field Maps several times (it has offline areas).

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Joseph, so this was my work around. https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/field-maps/field-mobility/field-maps-and-map-viewer/ 

It looks like you can configure your popups in Map Viewer Classic and then I think do a save as in Map Viewer and then use that save as map in the field and my pop ups were configured.  Hope this helps.

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Thanks for that tip, @Anonymous User . Unfortunately, that will wipe out all of the form configuration I've done for working in Field Maps itself. I could re-add that directly to the JSON or code it with the addition of the forms module in the Python API as of 1.9, but that's a lot of work to fix this.

I think at the moment I'm going to let it roll as it is. It's a relatively minor issue for our workflow and doesn't affect the field order in the forms.

Hopefully, it gets fixed in a future release.

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@AaronPulver  Does anyone know if there is a solution for this issue? Field maps does not honor the web map popup configuration.