Move forms between different ArcGIS Online organizations

08-21-2023 01:02 AM
Status: Open
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I help different forest managers, and each of them are in different AGOL organizations, with setting up form for use in Field Maps. The different forms are using the same feature services (but on their own AGOL organization).

Today I have to create the forms manually for each forest manager - but it would be much easier if I could copy the forms from one organization to another, and only change the path to the correct feature service for the different forms.

The feature services will have the same setup (attributes ++) for alle the different organizations


Hi @JensKolstad 

Potentially what you are looking for is to use Groups in ArcGIS Online: Share groups—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

ONce the group is created with the option to invite individuals outside of your organisation you can share the relevant items and forms with the individuals invited to the group: Share items—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation


As I understand you do not have a centralized feature service in one organization and share this to the othres. You have the same datastructure and provide the same configuration of feature service (and WebMap?)

In that case, one approach is to use to fetch the forms from the json and re-integrate it into the target webmap. 

Otherwise it's possible to script the whole thing with python. That's what we did a time ago to be able to "transport" configurations between different webmaps.


If one central featureservice: it's possible to store form definitions on the feature service level an re-use them in the webmap.


Thanks for info about ago-assistant.

But I am not a programmer, and hoped to have a more simple solution where i could duplicate my feature services and forms og move them to another organisation. The feature services are without data - and the forms should be used to collect new information about treatmentproposals, new lines, special trees +++


Maybe have a look at the GeoJobe software - they offer tools to do this sort of thing. Might be something you could setup on a short term arrangement to enable organisation setup then deactivate.