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Operations Dashboard with Splash Screen

04-17-2018 05:14 AM
Status: Implemented
Occasional Contributor

Our organization is currently working on several dashboards that may become public.  I have been asked by several individuals if a splash screen is possible with the operations dashboard.  I think that this would be a nice feature to have in the future.




there is a rich text widget, how does that not fit into your workflow?


To do a true splash screen, you'd have to have put the ops dashboard app within another ops dashboard app that had a rich text (splash screen) tab on top of the embedded ops dashboard.


Great idea - personally I think EVERY web app should have the option of a splash screen.


I agree totally. All apps should have this option. We are looking at putting our water outages to a public site and I really like some of the features in a dashboard. However, without a splash screen with a disclaimer, I just do not feel comfortable putting my company in that situation (as far as liability). Please hurry up and get this done.


Agree - it should be a consistent option on all current and future apps.


This is the best way for us to alert our users of potential or ongoing technical issues that may cause our dashboards/elements to be temporarily down. I truly do not understand why this capability is WebApp-only - particularly given that we no longer have the ability to custom build widgets for ops dashboard.


Since this is nearly two years old and has a status of "New" it seems that Esri does not have someone reviewing ArcGIS Ideas‌ related to ArcGIS Online‌, per perhaps ArcGIS Dashboards‌? Derek Law‌ and Kory Kramer, do you know of anyone who could be reviewing these and could provide feedback to us? I'm currently working on an incident response where this would be very helpful - happy to provide a use case to anyone who could use it.


Hi Paul,

> Since this is nearly two years old and has a status of "New" it seems that Esri does not have someone reviewing

Sorry that we missed updating the idea status - which I just did. This has been reviewed and is under consideration by the Dev team. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

> ... happy to provide a use case to anyone who could use it.

Please post your comments. All input and feedback is welcome.

Hope this helps,


I agree with everyone and think a splash screen would be a helpful improvement to the already great dashboard solution. The splash screen setting for Web App Builder are customizable and fairly easy to use. Could something similar be added to dashboards? Thanks.


There's a clear need for splash screens in operations dashboards to provide information to users, disclaimers about the dashboard and/or contents, etc. A further purpose would be to redirect users to a newer dashboard when an older dashboard has been deprecated - there is no way to do this natively in ArcGIS Online, operations dashboards or otherwise, that we're aware of. This need arose during a transition during our COVID-19 Incident Management Team transition and is a significant limitation in general, as well.