Collector Offline Map Error: Unable to create replica, check Parameters

08-11-2021 10:48 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get a hosted feature layer view available for teams at my organization to use in their collector maps.

Once the view is in a map, if a user tries to take that map offline the process fails. According to the troubleshooting log, on this particular layer the error that comes up is JSON error 500: “Create Replica Internal Error” “Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.”

I am using Collector App version 20.2.2 on Android and 20.2.4 on iOS, and published the layer from ArcPro 2.8.0. I am not aware of the version(s) that my colleagues are using, but I can replicate the issue on both versions above. 

Details surrounding the map and layer:

-Was published to AGOL from Pro using the Publish Web Layer tool

-Point geometry, no geometry errors, (checked pre-publishing), points do not have Z or M enabled.

-Coordinate system is consistent with all other layers and views in Collector maps at company.

-Layer is configured for GNSS and Editor Tracking

-Layer has attachments enabled

-4 columns (not including the GNSS columns) have simple Domains (list of 2 values per domain) attached to them (but the error doesn’t mention domains as per )

-OBJECTID and GlobalID are both visible columns in the layer

-No Feature or field filter on the layer

-Popup is configured to show all columns except GNSS and editor tracking columns

-Map and layer names only contain letters and underscores, no invalid characters present

-Collector maps do not contain multiple copies of the same layers


Troubleshooting I have already tried:

-un-checking the ‘Enable Offline Mode’ in the map, saving, making and saving and edit in the offending layer, then back to map settings to re-check ‘Enable Offline Mode’ and saving again

-add an attachment to the layer

-removing and re-adding the layer to maps

-deleting and republishing the layer and view to AGOL


Troubleshooting links I have already gone over, that are either not relevant to my particular details or all suggestions mentioned and tried did not solve my problem: (My data is not versioned, nor does my organization use our own Enterprise setup)


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. 

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Did you ever find a solution to this?  I am also getting the error Code 500.  The map had been working perfectly fine for months, but I cannot get it to download.  Users that currently have it downloaded are still able to sync successfully however.

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Nah, had to move onto to other things. I ended up creating a new empty layer that was equivalent in schema and appending all the data into the new working layer. I then used the new layer in place of the broken one in all maps. Not ideal, but the error seems to be a one-off so hopefully won't encounter again too often. 

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Yeah, creating a copy of the layer worked for me too.  Definitely not ideal.  Thanks for the detailed post and all the troubleshooting links!

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Following back up on this: I believe my issue was that I had created an Index on a field in ArcPro.  This caused the error on that layer.  I cannot confirm this 100%, but I'm pretty sure this was my issue.

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In case anyone finds this thread in the future:

I experienced the same issue with one of our maps containing a layer that has several GB worth of attachments. It was working fine until we suddenly started getting the same error of Create Replica Internal Error.

In our case, the workaround we used to make the offline map download work again was to disable the downloading of attachments when creating an offline area using this procedure:

Map Settings Tab → Offline → Advanced Options → Control feature and attachment delivery

For editable and read-only features, I selected an option that did not get attachments.

After that, it works again. I suppose this isn't a full resolution, but perhaps will help others in a pinch.