How to deal with an exploded map package in Collector

12-12-2018 08:02 AM
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I'm just starting to use the new version of Collector.  I'm having trouble with creating offline areas from the iOS Collector app on an iPad with iOS 12.1. 

I turned on the logging and one thing that I'm getting is an error about an exploded map package:

Found an Exploded Map Package at: file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/C0B0B741-2842-47B1-9F21-0F41D054E1CD/Document...

This sounds bad.  What do I do about it?

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Derek Law‌ According to "about Collector" I have version 18.1.0 build 2535.  When I go to the App store, it does not indicate that I have any updates.  Is that the latest build?

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18.1.0 2535 is the latest build

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I was running into the same thing, and came across this thread during my research. I know it's a bit late, but since this question is still marked as "unanswered" I wanted to share what was taught to me in the hopes of helping you or anyone else who reads this blog post in the future.

Colin Lawrence‌ responded to me and said: "The message you are seeing is more of a result and not an error message. You will see several of these come back in the logs when a download fails, but you will want to scroll a little further until you find the error message.If you are having trouble locating it, sometimes its easy to clear the logs first so you are not seeing older messages. Use the trash icon in the top right on the logs page and then reproduce the download failure again. Again you might have to scroll through some of the exploded map file messages, but your error should be in there."

So, you would need to identify the actual error message before doing any other troubleshooting. Hope that helps  

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Any updates on the Exploded Map Package issue?  I am getting that message from the Collector Error Log as well.

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I just wanted to check back in and mention that this is still sort of a problem.  It doesn't affect functionality (I assume) but if you're trying to use developer logging and the first few pages of logs you get are for accumulated exploded map packages from months and months of use, at the very least the error is getting in the way of more meaningful errors.  Also, if there are bits of exploded map packages on my device, are they taking up storage space?

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Just to add a comment for the thread: I had this happen using Portal for Arcgis and a stored feature layer service. My fix was to remove the features in the map and readd them from the feature layer. Not sure why this happened. but it did fix the issue.

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