Ready for ArcGIS 10.5? Find out

Blog Post created by MCoast-esristaff Employee on Jun 23, 2017

(Reach out to the subject-matter expert Andrew Sakowicz to connect about architecture & security.)


Your GIS system’s design plays a central role in performance and security. Meet with experts at the Esri Services area to talk about your own system performance and design.

Visit the area to discuss deployment patterns, design options and the demands of business operations. Join with other users for one of the lightning talks held every half hour. And use your time to take part in a 15-minute, one-on-one ArcGIS 10.5 readiness assessment.

During your 15-minute session:

  • Discuss your current implementation (high-level, not a system review)
  • Review our common implementation pitfalls checklist
  • Identify areas of concern, propose solution

After the session, you’ll have a completed readiness checklist and suggestions to resolve or consider prior to moving to 10.5. Optional: bring a diagram of your system.

The Esri User Conference provides you the perfect opportunity to learn more. Consider attending one of these workshops and lightning talks:


Architecting the ArcGIS Platform: Best Practices

Web GIS Architecture Deployment Options

Planning an Enterprise Geodatabase

Performance and Scalability: Tuning, Testing and Monitoring

Designing a Web GIS Security Strategy

Building Security into Your System Lightning Talk

Design a Geodatabase Lightning Talk

Get a Second Opinion: Enterprise GIS Health Checks Lightning Talk


Besides the ArcGIS 10.5 readiness assessment, visit the Esri Services area for other activities or to just chat about GIS.