GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

03-13-2020 02:05 PM

GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

The work you do to support awareness of COVID-19 in your regions is important and The Esri Community is here to help. Collaborate by sharing your ideas, questions, resources, or projects here in the GeoNet Community. We put together this collection of COVID-19 discussions currently happening in GeoNet, and we invite you to review, stay updated, and get inspiration from those who are working on solutions right now. We will continue to add to this list as more discussions and content is posted. Check out the additional “How to share on GeoNet” sharing tips noted below. Thank you for your contributions and we appreciate your support.


New: See GIS in this Time of Crisis: A Note from Jack Dangermond on YouTube

From Esri Software Security & Privacy: A new Windows-based application has been created by a malicious individual or group that uses the online map posted by Johns Hopkins University at as a decoy for installing Malware. Read More >>


View Current COVID-19 Resources from Esri's ArcGIS Hub

Esri COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Hub



Solutions & Resources

Follow the new Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)‌ GIS Community in GeoNet. 

Chris Ferner has a document with ongoing updates to Esri COVID-19 GIS solutionsFollow: What's New? 


If your organization needs guidance on working remotely with ArcGIS, please read: ArcGIS Support for a Remote Workforce‌ by Dave Wrazien - added 3/20/2020


Product & Industry Guides




ArcGIS Hub Examples

ArcGIS Hub for Algeria


Nederlands COVID-19 ArcGIS Hub




Have you launched an ArcGIS Hub? Share your example in the comments. 


ArcGIS Dashboard Examples





COVID-19 Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS for Germany

COVID-19 Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS for Chile


Coronavirus 2019 Dashboard for Michigan

Esri Portugal COVD-19 Dashboard


COVID-19 Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS for Algeria


Global Crowdsource Grocery Store Dashboard



Coastal Georgia COVID-19 Dashboard

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Hospital Preparedness


See Derek Law's summary of FYI: COVID-19 Dashboards and Apps Recommendations to help you launch your GIS dashboard or hub. - added 3/31/2020


Data Sources & Real-Time Feeds



Collaborative Problem-Solving




See the COVID-19 Educator Support Category in the Education space for the most recent updates. - added 3/16/2020



Courses & Teaching Tools


Collaboration Tips

Continue to collaborate about coronavirus awareness with these five tips:


  • Work Out Loud: If you have a project or solution that you’re developing, share your concepts with other members to help them think through ideas.

  • It’s Okay to Be a Learner: We are all at different stages with GIS, the variety of technology, and the knowledge of data available. Outline what you do or don’t know (including the steps you've taken so far), what you think you need, and what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Use Tags: Tag your content with covid19, covid-19, and coronavirus so that others can find your content.

  • Share to Multiple Places: You can post content in one primary place and share it with other relevant places. For example, if you are using multiple products, but you also want an industry perspective, post your content in one place to reach that audience and share it with the other places involved wi....

  • Add your resources, tips, and collaboration opportunities to the discussion by commenting below:  If you have resources, data, information, or a collaboration opportunity to problem-solve or create a solution, comment below and we will update it to this list as a resource. Updates will be made to this document as they develop.


Please note added notations are for when content is added to this document, not the original creation date of the content.



We would like to contribute with our solution made by Soporta Ltda (Esri Partner), inspired by another global examples we built our own dashboard using local health authorities data, in alliance with a nation-wide media corporation (BioBioChile) we make our own dashboard in two versions, desktop and mobile on Operations Dashboard.

It's updated on a daily basis and it's one of the most viewed solutions in Chile with over 150k views in only 4 days. The main advantage is the local approach with our regional map and our disease vector map that shows the spatial relationship between world regions and Chile based on imported cases.

We are now developing a solution to visualize spatial data about our government actions to prevent the virus spreading in transportation, education, social life (massive events), public health, etc.


Anonymous User

Thank you for sharing Leandro Zamudio León! It has been added to the Dashboard examples. 

Thank you Leslie! Our team also created a category COVID-19 Educator Support to make all related content easily accessible.

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Added to the list - Thanks for all the effort from the Education team to help educators during this time!

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These resources are amazing!! 

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Yes they are fantastic, thanks to all the team from Esri on this!

Hello, I built a dashboard to visualize and track the COVID-19 cases in Michigan by county. It is available in both desktop and mobile formats. The data is coming from the State of Michigan's Coronavirus resource site and updated daily. Here are the links:

Desktop version: Here

Mobile version: Here

Thank you!

hi there does anyone know the legal means of using data from hospitals in real time by giving them tag access to an ArcGIS map? Doing it for one hospital and using demographic info could really help smaller communities out 

Thank you for adding my issue Leslie Fountain‌! 

My specific problem is in the first comment below the original poster.  I didn't want to start a new thread for what seemed to be the same basic problem.


Anonymous User

Hi Adam Repsher, No problem. We appreciate you using the #COVID-19 hashtag to raise awareness!

Hi, here in Portugal we have these dashboard: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS  and a Hub: Coronavirus Portugal 

Our dashboard it's the official dashboard for communicating the covid evolution in Portugal so it already appeared in every tv channel and we have more than 5million visualizations. It has been a really oportunity for us to great awareness about Esri.

Hi Leslie! The Esri K12 Schools Team is conducting a webinar tomorrow March 26, 2020 at 5 PM PDT with Directions Magazine titled Learn How to Teach with GIS When School is Disrupted. You can register here and also view the recording using that same link. This is a valuable resource considering parents and educators need more resources for an online learning environment. 

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Thank you for sharing Ana Marques! I've added to our dashboard example list.

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Thanks Rosemary Boone! I updated it to the Educator - Webinar section and also identified the recording for the Enabling Remote Access webinar. 

Jonnell, how did you add the age and gender to the case reporter form?

Hi Sona, the data is pulled from separate tables.

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Thanks for kicking off an ArcGIS Hub example Iyes! I have added your examples to a newly created ArcGIS Hub section in the document, and to our Operations Dashboard example list in the document. 

Hi Again Leslie Fountain‌,

Could you remove your last comment about my question in Collaborative Problem-Solving and add something about this question that has progressed into a possible answer that I cannot get to work?

Thank you!


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Hi Adam Repsher, your new question has been added under Troubleshooting. We'd like to keep ongoing logged content in this document to help the community with their work. Other users may be seeking the same methods as you to build solutions and your question is helpful in this effort. Having multiple entries is okay. We appreciate you working with us in the Esri Community as you develop your solutions! 

Thank you Leslie Fountain‌!

Could you possibly add the link to the question in your Troubleshooting entry for me?  <-- the link is embedded in "the question" because the initial question was answered, but there isn't a solution to the problem which made me ask the question - If you know what I mean! 



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Got it! My error there, just updated with the mention. Thanks!

Hi Leslie Fountain‌, for the Netherlands we've also created a Hub Site called NL COVID-19 Hub. My colleagues Maud Soetens‌ and Inge van den Meiracker‌ wrote a blog about this highlighting some Web Apps and our update process. Thanks for this overview! Regards, Ellen

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Great blog and ArcGIS Hub! -- Thanks for sharing Ellen van den Berg - I have added it to our example list in the document. 

Good evening y'all - wanted to link the following blog post: 

folding@home is a distributed computing project by Stanford University, leveraging CPU & GPU resources from machines added to their network to model various ways the COVID-19 protein can fold. Modeling these folding patterns and shapes they adopt is crucial for labs developing effective vaccines. We're interested in looping in as many individuals as possible who would like to contribute to this effort. If you're interested, please give it a read!

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Here is our Hub and Dashboard. We are using python to grab data from our state and the two neighboring states, as well as Johns Hopkins, and combine it into one SDE table with a standardized schema. We wanted to show that early on, it was approaching Georgia from South Carolina and Florida.  

Coronavirus Response in Chatham County 

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Thanks for sharing Bradley Thompson

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Thanks for sharing Kevin MacLeod! I added your ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Dashboard to the document.

Hi again Leslie Fountain‌!

The group that I am working with at PEMA, led by Carrie Tropasso, has made a dashboard of Hospital Preparedness available to the public for Pennsylvania.  It is in Desktop format and Mobile format.  Please feel free to share them in your #covid-19 document.


Thank you,


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Thanks for sharing this Adam Repsher! I've added it to the document examples. 

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