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Updating features in shapefile layer from outside ArcGIS

Question asked by mdupras on Mar 23, 2020

I work for the local website/newspaper in Syracuse, NY, and have built a map tracking coronavirus cases by county in New York state (Coronavirus in NY by the numbers). The data behind the bubbles on this map is managed through a Google Sheet and pulled into ArcGIS Online as a published CSV file/layer. I set it up this way in order to allow broad newsroom access to updating the map with the newest cases.


My preference at this point would be to change this to a choropleth map, but I haven't been able to solve for connecting the county shapefile layer to an outside data file that would update live. Any connected CSV file requires location data; that layer in my map plots (with bubbles) the geographic center of each county. I can join that layer to the county shapefile layer, and the case number data can then be used to create a choropleth. But that joined layer does not update when the CSV layer updates. It seems to require rerunning the join analysis to update.


I'm not sure whether this is a limitation of the software or a gap in my knowledge. Any help solving for this is greatly appreciated! If I can provide more context, please let me know. Thank you!


— Michael Dupras

Syracuse, NY