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Why is today() calculating with time as 12:00pm instead of 12:00am?

Question asked by arepsher on Mar 30, 2020
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Hi Everyone,


Again, I am working with covid-19 EMA operations here in Pennsylvania.


I have created a survey in survey123 connect and need to have users enter data via web browser.


In the xlsform, I have a hidden type field that has a "today()" calculation and the "bind::esri:fieldType" set as "esriFieldTypeDate".


The "types" tab in the Advanced XLSForm says that the today() calculation should be giving me 12:00am.  When entries are submitted to this survey, I am getting 12:00pm (noon).


I need the date/time for each entry to be 12am to make the setup of date range filters in ArcGIS Dashboards to be easy to set up and modify by our users.  If I default the TO side of the date range to "Today" then he current result (12pm) forces our users in the morning hours to change their TO date/time to either after noon, or the next day to see results coming in that day. The Dashboard setup does not allow me to define the TIME of the Max Default setting of "Today"  When the