Use Survey123 values to change Symbology in Explorer

03-30-2020 05:36 PM
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We have surveys of points and line features that are being inspected. We desire a way using Survey123 to change the values on the fly from inspected=no (red) to inspected=yes (green). All devices have internal internet so the values will be real time.  Do you know any good workflows for a dynamic Symbology in a web map?


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Hi David,

This might be better asked in Explorer for ArcGIS‌ in terms of when data is refreshed while on the connected.

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Hey David Anderson‌,

The most reliable way to ensure data is being updated on the mobile client (without reloading the entire map) is to enable refresh interval on the layer that is being updated (as seen below). You can set this down to 0.1 minutes (6 seconds). You should now see the layer refreshing and updating symbology on the map as the data changes.

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