Map not displayed in collector

Discussion created by finfandigs on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by JuanVerde

I am trying to set up an Ap for my office to use in the field and collector looks like it is exactly what I need, however, in trying to set it up, my trial maps are not visible on Collector. I can make maps on ArcGIS web, follow the tutorial, and all seems great, it is saved on the web server, I can even find it on the ArcGIS Ap, but I can NOT find my map on Collector.

I have tried to tutorial that is provided, inputted all basemaps/layers, and can find that generated map on all three spots (web server, ArcGIS Ap, Collector Ap) but when I try and make a map with my data, I cannot find it on Collector. It seems like there is one tiny step Im missing somewhere that will allow me to make my map 'go live' for use.

Any suggestions are greatly, greatly appreciated