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Address Data Management Solution Roads vs Master Road Name

Question asked by jborgion Champion on May 22, 2020
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As I work my way towards deployment of the address data management solution, I'm stumbling upon features that I don't quite understand;here is one that has me baffled.


The Master Road Name table is used to populate the the RoadNameIndex which is just the domain of valid street names.  The Master Road Name table has fields for Prefix Direction, Name, Suffix Direction and Suffix Type. With an address rule, these components are concatenated to populate the Full Road Name field.


However, the Road Centerline feature class does not have Prefix Direction, Name, Suffix Direction and Suffix Type; with respect to a street name, the only field it has is Full Road Name.  Like so many others, the centerlines I manage are used for geocoding, and when you create an Address Locator, the Street Address Role includes the individual components listed above.  In fact the Street Name is a required field.  (See illustration below)


In all the years I've created locators (which is a bunch) the best practice has been to maintain the various components in separate fields as indicated in the illustration.  Yet, the Road Centerlines feature class can only provide the Full Name without some major modification to the schema. (I've been down that road already, and the attribute rules for the Road Centerlines feature class are very sophisticated;  to date, I've not been able to tweak them where they'll work with a different schema.)


There must must be an explanation as to schema for the Road Centerlines not including basic geocoding attributes.


Please, enlighten me!



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