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Error prepare data

Question asked by bigdatamanado on Dec 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by NickPiper

I'm trying to prepare training data with this detail :

ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2

inRaster = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Base\MANADO_FIX.tif" (raster 8bit unsigned, thematic, with nodata=0)
out_folder = "E:\Work\ArcDL\gtg6"
in_training = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Experiment_BuildFoot_2\MyProject\Shape\House.shp" (shp that has Classvalue, Classname, RED, GREEN, BLUE field)
image_chip_format = "TIFF"
tile_size_x = "256"
tile_size_y = "256"
start_index = 0
classvalue_field = "Classvalue"
buffer_radius = 1
in_mask_polygons = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Experiment_BuildFoot_2\MyProject\Shape\Mask.shp"
rotation_angle = 0


I run my prepare data syntax just like this :
data = prepare_data('gtg6')

But I always ended up in this kind of error for labeled_tiles metadata format, there's no further explanation and I cant use the data for training since data.show_batch() will result in OSError: -2


Any solution?

Thanks in advance.