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Portal Database Backup Increment

Question asked by ecl_moiler_d on May 19, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by ecl_moiler_d

Hi Guys,


I'm seeing an issue in HDD space with a 10.6.1 HA enterprise environment in which daily around ~15Gb worth of the primary portals db folder gets backed up every 6 minutes to the local portal drive on each server.



It seems that the pg_basebackup.exe is creating a backup of the primary portal on each of the machines rather quickly, and once full, the portal grinds to a halt and both of the portals are no longer contactable (even the portal with available hard drive space does not appear operational)



It does seem to have started following running the webgisdr utility, which does seem to clean out the backup WAL archive folder, but not the databases created as above.


I have set the webgisdr to run a full backup once a week, thought unfortunately the drives are filling quite rapidly at ~15Gb a day. I don't want to play around with the postgresql configuration manually if I'm missing something simple!