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Applying Multiple UN Asset Pkgs in Single DB

05-29-2019 01:31 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Trying to implement many UN asset pkgs in a single SQL Server 2016 database and having problems past the first one.

I'm deploying from ArcGIS Solutions.

UNTools, ArcGIS Pro are all updated today and asset pkgs were run thru 'Upgrade Asset Pkg' tool.

When I stage subsequent Utility Networks I notice that the Structure Network layers and Service Territory layer all get appended with _1

So, is it possible that applying the asset pkg fails because the structure network and service territory names now don't match? Which is odd because it makes it pretty far into the install, 10 steps or so.

If this is a problem is the resolution as easy as just renaming the structure network and service territory layers in the asset pkg?

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Occasional Contributor III

Simply renaming the layers in the asset pkg will never work, there's hooks all over the schema to those core layer names.

So, the question then becomes more simply:

- how does one implement  more than 1 UN asset pkg to a single DB if the process appends to the structure network names?

Or are these base UN asset pkgs considered 1 per database?

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