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Using location tracking service in Portal 10.3

Question asked by dbmann on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by kfolger

I am trying to get a location tracking service to work in our new 10.3.1 Portal environment and thus far having no luck.  I tried to follow the documentation here but it is dated and has not been updated for newer versions, offline editing, etc.


I started with the Location Tracking template map package, copied that FC to our sde that is registered with the server, enabled editor tracking using the fields that template came with, added global ID's, enabled archiving, and published the featture service with Query, Update, and Sync capabilities, per the documentation but adding the GID, archiving, and sync capability in accordance with offline workflow requirements.


Steps 7-9 are confusing maybe because of changes in what things are called since previous versions, or maybe I am going to the wrong place. I find the service in My Content and go into the item details, edit, and change the Tags from what it was published with to what is listed in step 9.  Are these steps not referring to tags, they call them 'Keywords', under the 'Update Item' dialog.. I don't see anywhere else that I can change these settings.


Anyways I get done, add it to a map, save it, and go to edit the map details and the map is enabled for offline use, but nowhere do I see the location tracking options.


Any help??