Users feature added to the My Esri Beta experience!

09-02-2022 10:26 AM
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Managing User Requests


From the main mega menu, you will now get an indication through a numeric badge that there are pending user requests waiting to be addressed. Selecting the option will take you to the Manage Requests page. On the Manage Requests page, you can easily review, approve or deny the users request to access My Esri.


Manage Permissions


From the main mega menu, you can also access all users associated to your organization and manage their permissions. On the Manage Users page, the new look allows you to view and update your user’s permissions easier while remaining on the full user’s list page.


Additional tools and reporting are available in the Manage Permissions feature such as user tagging, viewing user list in grid format, and viewing changes to user permissions through a log.

Managing Tags


User Reporting - View in Grid


User Reporting – View Log





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