My Esri Release - September 16th, 2020

09-15-2020 11:23 AM
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We will be moving forward with a new release of My Esri this Wednesday September 16th, at 5pm (PST). Please see the below enhancements and fixes that will be included.







5.20 Release Items




  • We've added links to a new panel on the Dashboard for the most-requested items on My Esri. This will help new My Esri users easily find the resources they are looking for. These links will send you directly to pages such as Downloads, Authorizations, Manage Store Purchases, and Renew Maintenance if applicable. 




  • When accessing software downloads on My Esri, a Esri Master Agreement license click-through pop-up window has been added that requires the customer click to accept the terms of the agreement before they can download the software.  The click-through is only required once per user per software product version downloaded. In other words, a user will only need to click to accept once per software product version, and will not have to click to accept on any subsequent download for the same software product version.
  • To help decrease the amount of initial selections on the downloads page, the non-product side navigation options have been removed. Once a product group is selected, these option groups are still shown to help users choose the preferred download.

  • A common question was added for PostgreSQL for Downloads.




  • A function update was accomplished with Portal for ArcGIS licensing to minimize timeouts while generating license files.




  • An update was made to the title of a licensing report to decrease confusion. The Pro Licensing Files report is now titled Portal Licensing Files. This report shows information pertaining to any ArcGIS Enterprise Portal license file created.



  • An issue has been resolved where if an organization wasn't associated with a duplicate bug, the user encountered an error.


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Since the last release, it is not more possible to access to the additional information and the MD5 values at the downloads  

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