My Esri Release - August 6th, 2020

08-04-2020 05:23 PM
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5.18 Release Items




  • To improve the usability and accuracy of the Authorization Activity report in My Esri, data line items marked as 'Reinstalled' have been removed. These records did not add value when calculating the overall authorization activity counts.
  • For helping with better organization of the License Configurations list, License File tags are now visible.




  • An issue has been resolve that was impacting reports where using a date filter caused the table header to disappear.
  • An issue has been resolved on the Authorizations Report where the list of products was not populating the filter's dropdown menu.



  • For users who add a Credit Card Payment Method on their profile for store purchases, an update has been made to allow them to delete their default Credit Card from their account.


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