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My Esri Release - August 24th, 2023

08-22-2023 01:46 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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My Esri Release List – Thursday August 24th , 2023 at 5:00pm PST

  • Site Framework & Navigation
    • For accessibility compliance, improvements have been made for when a screen reader is used and to address some color contrast discrepancies.
  • Developer Experience
    • The user interface on the get connected page has been updated where if the user is logged in with an account that is associated to an ADS code, new text shows that guides them to the developer tools (through a direct link) for renewing their subscription.
    • To reduce user confusion when connecting to an ADS code, the status field on the Developer Tools has been removed and updated verbiage has been added regarding accessing the ArcGIS Platform location services and testing environment for ArcGIS Online.
    • An issue has been resolved where after a License File is created, the user is unable to resend or download the License File.
  • License Esri Products & License Files
    • To remove existing confusion when licensing ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Reality, the version option has been removed from the process.
    • A new license deployment type dropdown option has been added in the License Esri products workflow to assist license administrators with reporting on new, upgrade version, or replacement deployment options. This option is also available on the License File page for updating legacy deployments or editing existing ones.
  • Licensing Information
    • Additional filter capabilities and a report option have been added to the License Summary page.
    • For Authorizations, the product list is now ordered ascending by most current version.
  • Manage Users
    • The ability to add a user tag during the invite user process is now available
  • Downloads
    • For Requesting Media, the process has been updated to utilize the ‘Ask Customer Service’ form. To ensure that users understand they may submit their request through this channel, a text bullet has been added for clarity.
    • An issue has been resolved where if a language other than English was selected, the ISO files were ordered incorrectly.
  • Store Purchases
    • New supporting verbiage was added to the fulfilment section for users who have purchased ArcGIS Developer Enterprise Annual Subscription.
About the Author
I am orginally from Ottawa Ontario Canada and have lived in the US for about 18 years (Philadelphia and California). I currently live in Redlands and work as a Customer Experience Program Manager for Esri.