My Esri Release - April 19th, 2019

04-15-2019 04:14 PM
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We will be moving forward with a release of My Esri on Wednesday April 17th at 5pm (PST).  Please see the below key enhancements and fixes that will be included.












My Esri Release Items




  • The languages Catalan (ca) and Hungarian (hu) have been added to My Esri.




  • The output format of the Licensing Files report has been updated to .xlsx so it completely exports all of the data available.




  • The 'Assign Permissions' permission has been changed to 'Administrator' throughout My Esri.




  • Enhanced functionality has been added when choosing an organization during the License Esri product workflow for organizations that have subordinate sites.
  • A 'Renew My Maintenance' button has been added to the License Summary page.
  • For visibility, the licenses that are part of a license file configuration have been added to Manage License File Configurations.
  • A confirmation message has been added when a license file configuration is created.




  • For users who can View Support, and for all Authorized Callers who can submit cases, On Behalf Of (OBO) option has been updated. In the past, when a caller submitted a case and designated the case to be submitted OBO another user at their organization, that OBO user was listed as the submitter of the case. The person who actually submitted the case was only noted in an appended note in the Issue Description of the case. Now, both users (submitter and OBO contact) are stored separately and will be displayed on the Cases and Case Details pages.
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