More License functionality added to the My Esri Beta experience!

04-13-2022 03:14 PM
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License Management

License Files Related to Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro


License Files Related to Business Analyst and Streetmap Premium


Like the ‘License Files related to ArcGIS Server and Desktop” feature implemented in a previous release, these section shows all of the Portal for ArcGIS and Pro, Business Analyst, and Streetmap Premium  license files that have been issued to users.

License Information

License Summary


The License Summary page includes a summary of all licenses currently held by your organization, including quantity, product descriptions, term start and end dates (where applicable), and the most recent eligible version of the license.

Licensing Tools

Recover Lost License

This highly utilized tool in My Esri serves the ability to recover a license that is no longer accessible due to system loss, failure, or destruction.


In the classic version of My Esri, this tool is a 5-step process. Utilizing the updated My Esri design framework, a user can go through the process much quicker and can see all the pertinent information on one page.


The above illustration shows how a user can now expand the machine results on the same page and view eligible products to recover.


Once selected, a modal appears allowing the user to review the summary, acknowledge the terms and conditions, and proceed with processing the license return.

Manage Developer Subscriptions


Lastly, the Manage Developer Subscription feature is designated for license administrators to issue out developer codes to their staff.

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