GIS Health Check Spotlight Talk

07-25-2018 04:04 PM
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The GIS Health Check is a service offered by Esri's Services. It provides an opportunity to have an expert in Esri-based GIS systems review an organization's current deployment and operations.  This "hands-on" activity offers a pro-active and holistic assessment of the current system relative to the organization's objectives and other successful patterns.  The recommendations by the expert are documented in a report and may include recommendations related to system design, operations, configuration, deployment patterns, performance, availability, etc.  The PDF of the presentation slides is available for download: User Conference 2018 GIS Health Check Service Spotlight Presentation . 

The PDF includes some case studies that illustrate the motives of some customers that have used this service.  Among those was a state government organization.  They had a long history of implementing Esri technologies which gave them a wealth of experience but led them to suspect that they may have some legacy patterns that were out-of-step with the newer technology.  They also had questions about what might be responsible for various performance and reliability issues.  The Health Check exonerated some technologies and configurations as a cause of the problems, allowing focus on the real issues.  And, it allowed the organization to translate its deep knowledge to the updated patterns and practices for the technologies that they currently have deployed.