Establish an Initial Operating Capability

06-28-2016 07:15 PM
Esri Contributor
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Please join me tomorrow at 8:30am in Room 7A/B to hear about some of the best practices Esri uses to help users achieve initial operating capability. You'll hear about all the steps at a high level and I'll also point you towards other session, expo areas, and Esri publications where you can learn more.

After the session come by the platform enablement area at the expo to talk to some of the same experts that created these best practices.

About the Author
I manage Esri's Technical Consulting program in professional services. Each year our team of technical consultants oversee hundreds of customer engagements to deliver quick-impact, high value support in the key areas of installation and configuration, data management, design, application development, and operations & performance. My focus is helping customer achieve initial operating capability regardless of organizational size or industry.