Arc toolbox not working?

01-26-2015 01:32 PM
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I had been using the student edition of Arc 10.1 and just recently upgraded to 10.2.2 as my license was about to expire. Now, when I try to use any of the tools in Arc toolbox, I get a warning that says "Adding this item is not supported or the application that opens is not found". After sleuthing around on the internet for a bit I have tried a few things to try to fix my problem, but still cannot find a solution.

So far I have:

  • Re-installed the software
  • Repaired the program features
  • Reset the program access and computer defaults

Anyone have an idea as to how to fix my problem?

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Hi Rachel,

Try creating a new windows user and open ArcGIS Desktop with new user.

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Hi Rachel,

I would suggest a complete uninstallation of ArcGIS (follow the steps given below). I hope you are using an updated Internet Security / Total Security. If not, please install it before installation of ArcGIS for Desktop.

Please follow the steps below for uninstalling previous versions of ArcGIS.

You'll need to do a manual uninstall.
Remove the ArcGIS program entry from Add/Remove Programs.

Next, you'll need to manually delete the following:

C:\program files\arcgis
C:\program files\common files\esri
C:\documents and settings\%user name%\application data\ESRI - (you may just want to rename this one, if it holds your customized templates and symbols - a new folder will be re-created upon reinstall)**also, you may need to show hidden files and folders to show the application data folder

Finally, you'll want to delete the ESRI folders from the registry:

Start>run - in the run box, type REGEDIT and press [enter]
1. navigate to hkey_local_machine/software remove or rename the ESRI folder
2. navigate to hkey_current_user/software remove or rename the ESRI folder

Reboot your machine, then reinstall the latest ArcGIS software available with you.

Kindly revert if the issue still persists.



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