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Unexpected Frequency Tool Results

01-22-2015 11:22 AM
New Contributor III

Curious if anyone else has ever had this happen. . . .

After running this tool against a field in one of my feature classes, I expect to see a count for every unique value within that field in a new table.

What I have been seeing is while it does return a count many values are listed multiple times.

In the example below I'm running it against the COMPKEY field, If it was working the way I expect the value 0 should only appear once. Maybe I don't understand the way this tool works, but it's strange. fyi - this is using arcmap 10.2.1


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Occasional Contributor III

Maybe there are spaces in front of the 0's...

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New Contributor III

Thanks Solomon,

That could be it, but don't know how. The field I'm trying to run the frequency against is a long integer field. Is it possible for spaces to get inserted before a zero in a long integer field?


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Hi Joe,

you can try the summarize command. Right-click on COMPKEY field in your original table and create the table. I think you will have the correct frequencies.

I can't explain it to you but I have encountered the same problem.

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