Scrambling to Teach? See "Mapping Hour"

03-31-2020 04:23 AM
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Struggling to engage students who are stuck at home? Esri offers mapping and analysis tools free to schools for instruction. "But, I'm a 'suddenly-teaching-parent,' while my kids' teachers are trying to learn to teach online! We need something relevant, and interesting, and fast!"


"Mapping Hour" is a collection of 20 informal one-hour instructional videos about ArcGIS Online for parents and teachers, with chunks that scaffold concepts and skills. They cover desires from the basic "I need a map my class can see" to the lofty "How do I help my child use these final weeks of high school to do something powerful?" Videos posted starting Monday April 6, with access remaining open to all, for free.


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Charlie Fitzpatrick, Tom Baker, Kylie Donia, and Joseph Kerski, all from Esri's Education Industry team, present to parents and teachers a suite of software tools, academic content, and instructional strategies that help students from grade school to grad school learn to spot patterns, illuminate relationships, and build captivating presentations. A steady climb through ArcGIS Online, Survey123, Dashboard, Business Analyst, and StoryMaps, using resources from the Training, Learn ArcGIS, and Schools teams, will show viewers what is possible and equip them to engage young minds eager for opportunity.



  1. Mapping Hour videos roll out starting Monday April 6, at ((Update: All 20 videos are in place as of Saturday April 25.))
  2. The first three hours engage ArcGIS Online without requiring a login. Remaining activities require an ArcGIS Organization login to replicate. Any user can use your own Org login ("Publisher" or equivalent), teachers can request software for your school (be sure to check your school's status on the map first), and parents or teachers without access can request a temporary Org login (Publisher level) from Esri Schools program (must be 18 or over).
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